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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Lourdes Miracle Water - from Heaven for Life

I am going to light a candle for Saint Bernadette and Our Lady for saving my daughter.

I remember sitting on the sofa crying, depressed and afraid. I thought about how unfair the tumor was for her. Then my daughter received the Lourdes water and drank it, EVERYTHING changed, it was just so wonderful!! It was so amazing how everything turned around for my daughter. It all happened so fast !!

The odds were very bad in the beginning, the doctor told her that after the second biopsy that he expected to find much more, but after she had drunk the water, the tumor had shrunk and said he could only assume that just before the surgery a needle might have caused a hemorrhage that made the tumor shrink. I tend to believe that it was a much greater event that did this!

I still maintain that it was Divine intervention. I will always be grateful to Lourdes, St.Bernadette, Our Lady and the miraculous water from Lourdes.

Such a gift! Healing waters from heaven for life. This was truly a blessing.


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